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I was also. We saw the center of attention of the group and her mother at the same time. Her mother was drinking and was also topless. We went to a ta...le out of the way.“Morgan, we aren’t going to be able to stop this without help. I hate to say it but we should call the cops or get out. If we really interfere, we will have trouble.”“I know, Evan. I want to make one attempt to get her out of here though I doubt I will be successful.” I nodded and gave her hand a squeeze.We stood and walked. I could see she had no senses, her eyes were all red and little moist.Suddenly Shantanu came close to Priyanka and started moving his hand on her ass. We broke our kiss, I saw some hesitation in Priyanka but Shantanu said something in her ears and she smiled.He is good with ladies. I looked at Riya and she was smiling at me. I was thinking about my move when she suddenly started dancing.She opened a couple of more buttons on her top. I could see her bra now. It was pink and old. I got such a. Vo bolne lagi please ab aur maat tadpao muje de do isse usne meri jeans utar di adn jaise hi niche bethi and underware utara boli me nahi le rahi ise andar nahi jaye ga itna mota.Mene use pyar se apni god me liya and kiss karne laga vo garam ho gayi and bolne lagi please aram se as bohot mota hai.Men ek jhatka mara and vo uski chut ko chirta hua andar chala gaya and ro padi and chila rahi thi nikal sale isse bahar.Mene use kiss karna chalu rakha and jaise uska rona kam hua mene dhire dhire. Without warning he moved down to her bra and slipped her tits out one by one feasting on her nipples, biting each one in turn as he had done before, sending shivers of pain down her back but shivers of pleasure too, suddenly he plunged his two fingers straight in her and banged her until she came once more, Frankie thought once again, how amazing his fingers where and they got her off so quickly just with force.Suddenly from nowhere came a great roar as cum splashed down her window, Frankie.

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