He voiced few concerns with Liza and his doctor, but they firmly stated that it was to be expected as his mind needed time to overcome the trauma of he saw.“Lucian?” He heard voice of Luca Prom calling out for him behind closed doors of the bathroom.“In here.” Lucian answered.Opening the doors and drying his hair he said, “Sorry I desperately needed a shower, slept all day.”“I need to have a chat with you, please.” Examiner Luca started grimly making Lucian’s heart leap few beats in fear. In a few seconds, the door opened slightly. I saw a hand showing me a steel vessel, I wondered what’s going on. But I noticed that the hand was of a woman. She was trying to indicate to me to take the vessel or something else.I knocked on the door and said hello to the person inside. She opened the door and peeped out to address me. Damn, she was as beautiful as an angel, in the early morning look with no makeup, sleepy eyes and messed up hair. As if she just landed from heaven.She: Yes! Who is. Would you please tell America, what prompted your return?”Ben looks at the camera and replies, “Yeah, I will tell you. I got tired of running from the terrorist fuckers.”Jennifer leans over and suggests, “Ben try not to swear, they will just have to bleep out the swear words.”Ben apologizes, “Sorry about that, I think I can get through this without swearing. Can we start over again?”Of course we can so I repeat, “Good Day America, this is Samantha Stevens with the Truth network interviewing Ben. ”“Now, he only made me explode,” I smiled, drinking in their worship. I pulled off the top of my dress, baring my large breasts. The centaur had ripped off my skirt already. What was the point in staying half-clothed? “You should try him.”“Oh, I couldn't,” the girl said, her bluish face paling. “His cock is so massive. I'm not as strong as you. He would tear me open.”I seized the girl and pulled her to me. Her eyes widened as I lifted her skirt. It was bulky, the metal hoops that kept her.

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