He said "you see that?" I said that's hard to miss sir. he handed me a little package of lubricant and told me to go prepare my asshole make sure its ...eady for this nigger cock slamming nuts deep cause I aint gonna hold back just cause you didnt prep enough bitch I said nothing and took the lube and walked off wiggling my ass cheeks for him then i went off to the bath room and smothered the lube all over my browneye and shoved 3 fingers up to warm it up after a few minutes I skipped off back to. ." I love you, Jonelle," Laura interrupted. "Whatever you want is okay." I feel like I'd be cheating on him." She looked down and twisted her fingers."Tell me what your dreams are like," Laura suggested, changing the subject. "The ones with me in them." You know. We... do it. Some times I have a climax. Just from the dream." Let's go upstairs," Laura said. "I'll die if I can't kiss you."Jonelle nodded. "Me too."They went up to Laura's apartment. Laura tried to act nonchalant about. Once Staphis leaves the bedroom after serving us the cold lemonade and polar seltzer concoction I had requested him to prepare, I turn to Jan, who is sitting on the bed in her bathing suit staring at me. “What’s up bright eyes? Why are you looking at me like that with those bewildered eyes?”“Robert, I just don’t understand what you see in me?“What do you mean by that?””I’m just an ex-waitress of no particular class or merit. I have been a loser all my life and I certainly don’t merit the. Janice spilled the magic words and Nell smiled, “Oh babe, how surprising! You are getting into the anal sex, finally”. After those long 5 years, it was hardly the last 5—6 months, she allowed Nell to fulfill his fantasy of fucking her in the ass and now they were doing it little more often as a routine of their sex play. He had not imposed or pushed over, all those years to demand the anal sex but only a bit teasing occasionally because, he knew; he shall not enjoy it, if she did not enjoy it.

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