Erica pulled me up out of the chair and told me to strip down. There we were alone in our underwear, thin pieces of fabric separating me from her hair...ess, mocha hot box. Out of nowhere she slapped my ass and told me to make it clap. I lied and told her I didn't know how and need her to show me. I stood there just watching those chocolate cheeks slap together in the sexiest round of applause ever. As I was clapping for her Erica walked up behind me and said here taste this, and stuck her finger. I was selected as the college leader. This was the time when we both actually conversed each other.After this, we became real closer. Actually I was good in studies, singing, dance and b-boying. The series of programs I took part in my college helped me to impress her by my talents. We exchanged our mobile numbers and started chatting. Later I started taking her to restaurants and having dinners with her. One evening, I proposed her to make me her dear heart. She suddenly held my shirt collar!. She was really enjoying the petting and I removed her pallu and started massaging the breasts and she was under my full control by now. I loosened her petticoat and slowly relieved it. By now she was only in her blouse and panty. She was looking very beautiful and I was also loosing control. I removed my lungi and made her touch my penis. This being the her first feel of the penis she was exploring the penis shyly. This gave me a chance to relieve her blouse and bra. Once her boobs were exposed. Gender does not factor into hiring decisions, both by law and by our changing mores. Thus it was that my college men’s baseball team hired its first female trainer.Melissa was a young medical assistant, fresh from the sports medicine program at the University. She was just twenty-five, a few years older than we were. Pretty, red haired and petite, she had the slim, tight body of a runner, which she was. And she had the spunky attitude of a girl raised with several brothers. She was.

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