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This was to be expected for it was a weekday and most individuals would be working, something that he was happy to no longer have to endure. 'That is ...he advantage of retirement', he muttered to himself as he bumped his way over a very rickety bridge. 'I don't have to front for work, or endure the traffic or crowded trains.It was just on three when he pulled off the track and headed up the gravel road to the farm. This was open for visitors, especially for school children for it was a working. I cant do math) At the end of every year, On New Years, points are tallied and a winner announced. Its 5 grand to get in, and winner takes the pot, plus what ever accomodations the winner needs for his new years eve celebration are paid for by the losing players. Its THE GAME>Jenny Found the rule book. ( and yes, this is a real game invented by a group of my freinds with strict rules and guidelines, *send a message for complete GAME rules) The rule is, no, and we mean NO bitch ever. “Fuck, that was awesome,” she whispered finally, “l never imagined it could be that good, Rusty hurt me when he did it hard and you are bigger than him yet you felt wonderful, really powerful. I love you David.” She kissed the top of my head as it rested on her chest.I felt my cock slip out of her cunt, l removed the condom, marvelling at the amount of spunk that filled the little area at the end. “What do l do with this,” l said holding it above her face.“I don’t want it,” she replied with a. She knew I was not responding and suddenly I felt her hand on my cock and caressing it over my cock. It was electrifying and suddenly even my hand was on her back. She unzipped me immediately and she shocked me again. She pulled my cock out and went down on her knees and took my half erect cock in her mouth.Ahh ahh ohhh hmm I moaned as neha started to suck me and at the same time she undid her kurti buttons and in one shot pulled her kurti out and again started to suck my cock. I was shocked,.

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