He was interested in all he saw. He finally came to his first little farm town. He had already settled on what his occupation would be. He was going t... be a doctor.The ornamental band on his left wrist, was actually a very sophisticated diagnostic tool. His backpack was loaded with medications, and his combat car had an auto doc on board that could do anything short of return life to the dead.The SNARKS had gotten enough sensor readings to know that the humans here were human enough to be. Her 40D melons were swinging everywhere. I took one in my hand as i placed my mouth on the other. I started sucking as before, but this vigorous pumping gave me the urge to bite her nipple. At first i was just nibbling like a child, but then i was biting harder and sucking, making her go insane. She was really pulling my hair now. I bared the pain and continued crushing her pussy. She finally came on my tool, and with that i release my flood into her.We were both out of breath by then. I rolled. I stood up and taking her hand led her to the bathroom. It was a typical hotel bathroom but the tub had what appeared to be jet nozzles around the sides.I started to fill the bath up and we stepped in, she laughed at my grin - I must have looked like an idiot.The hotel soap and gel was the usual postage -stamp sized package but I'd brought some stuff from home.I filled up the bath and poured in the gel, soon there were bubbles and suds everywhere.I covered Jessica in bubbles, rubbing the sponge. I gasped when I saw a smear of blood on his shaft. I reached out to his cock when Mother had raised my cunt to the top with just the head inside. I felt the place where they joined, running a finger around the bulbous head of his cock, feeling the tight seal my cunt was making there. I circled his shaft with my hand and slid it down the thick tool, gathering cunt juice and the blood onto my palm. I brought the hand to my face, looking at it. The blood was bright red. I showed the hand.

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