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It got to a pointwhere the dreams were so real and I wanted them to come true sooo much.I used to lie in bed at night and pray to God for Him to let m... changeduring the night; I wanted it so badly to happen. I told Sarah aboutthis time that I wanted to be a girl. As I said she was my best mateSimon's little sister, a year or two younger than us. I fancied herlike crazy but could never let on cause of who she was, Simon hated herand would never of forgiven me! Anyway, she thought it was. I took a deep breath and continued to fuck my own throat until I thought I would throw up on myself. My red lips barely fit around the massive girth of my toy and each time I drew out the fake cock, my tortured tits were coated with a fresh supply of runny spit. I ****d myself for his pleasure this way until my eyeliner was running down my cheeks and my neck and upper body was drenched with drool.I could hear his labored breathing and the rapid, wet sounds of his dick sliding through his. .............Chloe was in PE class later that week when Katt called her into theoffice."So, congratulations on winning Prom Queen! I'm so proud of you,girl!" Katt exclaimed as she went in to hug Chloe tightly."Thanks, Katt, I never figured that it would happen, quite asurprise." Well maybe not much a surprise what about Joey?" Oh well, I am going to ask him at Prom Night. It's time to stop thestalling." Yeah certainly....." You found something out eh Katt?" Uhh, yeah.... in a. I was dressed in a Royal mail uniform and cap that I hadbought off F.bay the auction site for ?50.00 a good bargain, you can buyanything off F.bay. The local postman had a goatee beard I looked nothinglike him but after I put sunglasses on and a false beard on I could passas him at a quick glance just in case a Royal Mail van drove down thestreet after all it would look strange if a different postman was makingthe rounds. I got out the car and grabbed the red Royal Mail bag and abunch of.

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