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With someeffort, she pushed me up the ramp, onto the porch and toward the frontdoor. We entered the house, and she paused. "Um - I wanted you to use...theupstairs bedroom, rather than mine down here. Do you think we couldmake a try for it?" Oh yes, I just want to lay down on something soft for a change," Isaid. I hardly knew what I was saying; the words seemed to just comewithout thinking. She smiled and moved the chair closer to the stairs."OK now hang on to me and the railing and let's try. Damn it. Why couldn’t some of that blood racing through my body make a detour again into my dick? I closed my eyes, tried to associate again. Ellen. Up. Naked. Up. Coffee table. Up. Right where I had been last evening with Roberta fucking my ass with a dildo. Down. Shit. Start over. Ellen. Up. Tied to the guest room bed. Up. E cup tits. Up. E cup tits cradling and encircling my dick. Up. Up. The head of my hard dick poking in and out at the top of Ellen’s amazing cleavage. Up. Up. That first. I bucked wildly under him telling him to fuck me harder.I was about to bitch when he pulled his cock from my pussy. Keith flipped me over to my hands and knees on the leather sofa. I felt his tongue give my pussy a lick from behind. His tongue ran up to my asshole licking wildly at it.No one had ever tongued my asshole before. A new sensation came over me as I felt his tongue enter my asshole. His tongue stabbed at my hairy brown eye. His tongue entered sinking as deep as it would go.“Keith,. She goes onto the floor to pick up a paper she dropped and her tits are hanging down and her ass is up in the air. I cum all over the floor. Fourth Week. Now that I know she hangs out in her office alone for an extra hour doing paperwork and such, I can initiate what I plan to do. Nobody comes into her office at all. I will be perfectly safe. The week goes by smoothly. Finally it's Friday. I come to school nervous and excited. I have never felt this way before. Today goes by extremely slow. I.

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