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He reached out with a finger and touched the entrance to my hole as I held myself open, making me gasp. My swollen clit was poking out from under its ...ood which he noticed.“What’s this?” touching my clit at the same time. I let out a moan and a gasp.“Sorry, did that hurt?”“No, that’s my clitoris and is very sensitive. It’s a bit like having the end of your penis touched”“I don’t touch that bit, It feels really strange”“Really?! Have you never ejaculated?”“What’s that?”Shocked. “It’s when you. It was an intoxicating brew; if it could be bottled we’d have made our fortune. It was winter and getting late. We had not turned the light on in the office but the glow from the halogen heater cast an almost seedy glow over the desk and dexion racking. In a weird way it way kind of romantic and sexy, and it was to be the setting of many, many more sexual encounters between jack and myself. Each one more risky and dirtier than the last. As we got to know each other more intimately, we. Although her age have started tobe what people tend to call mature, she was still pretty good looking, she hada large firm breasts, a bit large hips but since she was quite tall she was yethot, and every night when she dressed going to work i could see her measuringher clothes in front of the mirror sucking her belly in and arching her backletting her long brown hair fall over her shoulders, than she would look at me andwink through the mirror, saying "you know i have to do it, Hun","the tips. "Brad popped my cherry when I was twelve. Six days after my birthday, as a matter of fact. He was seventeen."I didn't know what to say or what she expected, so I just gave her hand another squeeze."It wasn't bad. It just, wasn't... good. The whole thing was over in less than a minute. I'd hear my girlfriends talking about how good fucking was, but I thought it was better with my fingers, or my damn hairbrush."I wonder if the inventor of the hairbrush realized just how useful it would be?"But.

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