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We stayed in this position for a bit of time, the motion was pleasurable with a slow build up to us both cumming. Ashley kissed me on the neck, and sl...wly I pulled out as she moved to climb on top of me. The light shined on Ashley, making her look like an Angel. She leaned down kissing me, then biting my neck a bit. Ashley sat back up, moving around to help guide my cock into her pussy. My hands went right on her hips, but soon they were up touching her boobs, rubbing them, and playing with her. I can't wait to see what you boys are going to do with them."Continuing to slowly suck on Carol's nipple I eased my hand into her shorts and down to her slit, rubbing and caressing her mound and clit as I went. Slipping my fuck finger into her hot slippery cunt I began to run it in and out sliding it over her clit."Oh shit, that feels good." Carolyn moaned as she began to jack off both Ron and I while humping her slit on my finger.Taking Carol's hand from his prick, Ron clasped her head with. When he stopped rocking the bed, Ana just rolled over to face her lover. I heard them were whispering quietly and then this black man he slid out of the bed. I closed my eyes pretending to be still passed out, until I heard the shower running. I turned to face my lovely wide and I found her there, with a big smile on her eyes. She asked me if I was hungry, since she had a pussy filled with fresh cum for me to offer.So she tossed the covers off and quickly I had my face buried between her. Now that I knew Rita was as much of a slut as the rest of my girls sharing her with my Dad was in the realm of possibilities.I mentioned that to my mother when we were alone and she smiled in agreement. "I'll find a way of broaching that subject with him soon."I went home with Rita that night. I had been hard most of the day so we were barely in her front door before I yanked her pants and underwear to her ankles before forcing my prick into her damp cunt. Even after I came I kept pumping her.

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Sinhala සිංහල/ indian porn

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