My birth name is Mike. I wish you would call me that. And yes this is my home, and I hope you would call it your home as well and consent to be my fir...t wife," I said as I reached out and touched her chin with trembling fingers and looked into the sea green eyes."I don't understand. Only a God could have come to me, removed my bindings and command the ocean to carry me with you to your magic cart," Nakita replied as she turned around placing a leg on each side of me."No, I just have training to. This is not easy as her legs are still tied wide apart. When she is sitting up she tries to hit her captor, he slaps her face and tits before waving a finger. A harness is now placed over her, two rings are put over her breasts and the harness is then placed over her head and tied behind her back. Jenna’s breasts are pulled through the metal hoops squeezing them as they are roughly pulled. When all of the breasts are pulled through the harness is tightened behind her back. Jenna’s wrists are. No wiping my cum off after I have cum ANYWHERE in or on your face/body at ANY TIME. No sitting on your skirt, always lift the skirt up at the back so that your bare arse is ALWAYS on the seat EVERY TIME, any time we are out of the flat. No skirts or dresses to be worn longer than level with the bottom of your bum cheeks, any time we are out of the flat. Only high heeled open toed sandals to be worn when we are out but ALWAYS barefoot when we are in the car and also when we are indoors at any. It’s just like old times,’ he smiled. ‘I meant, I figured they’d be setting me up with someone. I didn’t know it would be you.’ She back-peddled and nearly trod on his shoe. ‘What about you lying to me?’ ‘I never lied to you.’ ‘When you told me all of those things, they became lies.’ He parried, ‘I meant every word I ever said to you…’ ‘You did? Even this past week? After what I said, I thought … Never mind what I thought. You never did a damn thing to back me up. You play a good game, but.

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