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Well, the following Sunday, the Reverend seemed to take a bit more time as he whispered to Mary Jean after the prayer, but I didn’t think anything o... it, I simply gave her my instructions and slipped down into his office. Oh, once again it was nice as Mary Jean alternated between my cock and my balls, sucking and liking me so hungrily. Oddly, that day I could hear the Reverend begin to preach to the congregation. The line was too long for him to be finished already but I could clearly hear him. My right hand fondled her left breast as I felt her hips lift and her head began to rock from side to side as another orgasm hit her. Yelping and bucking she came with amazing force, her whole pubic region grinding against me.As she calmed down, her eyes opened, and she looked up at me with an entirely different expression, "Oh, my God, where did you learn to--" Not finished yet," I told her and began pumping into her, my balls beginning to demand release."You haven't cum yet?" she breathed in. " The whole time she was screaming at him she was ramming her pussy against his cock getting more and more aggressive. I could hear her pussy sloshing it was so wet. She seemed to get more turned on the more she abused him and he just took it in silence. You could see her whole body was tensed up, she was on her toes and it looked like his cock is what was holding her up. She started to throw her head around her long blond hair flying all over. She screamed out loud again like a screeching. Big tits, little tits and every size in between. They were all beautiful to the fifteen years old boy.His cock was rising again, this time held tightly by his briefs, as Willy searched some more. He came upon photos of men and women sucking and fucking each other in a variety of positions. Since this was the boy's first run through seeing all the internet sex that was available he couldn't help but drop one of his hands into his lap to lightly run a finger along his erect penis. Oh, how good.

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