" Lindsay paled at the thought of his big cock pushing into her virgin ass. She shivered, both in fear and anticipation. She knew she wouldn't refuse While she was preoccupied with thoughts of Dr. Anderson's cock in her ass, he pushed into her sopping pussy, stopping only when he was balls deep. He leaned over her, panting, for a moment before pulling out and thrusting back in roughly. The sharp pain of losing her virginity was soon replaced by pleasure, as Dr. Anderson thrust in and out. He said I don’t know mom but I love them and kissed me on the lips. Then I pushed him on the other side of the bed and went over him and kissed him on the forehead. From there went down kissing all the parts on the way to the pennies. I kissed him on the tip of the pennies and kissed the balls. I kissed and sucked them for few seconds. After that again I went up kissing and stopped at the lips. As both of us are tired we went to sleep in our hug. After two hours I woke up hearing the cry of the. We got a good friendship between us and will spend some time after gym in a nice restaurant and I one I proposed her out of my courage. She politely rejected it with a smile and later on she messaged me the reason.Telling about me, I am a graduate working at a central government facility. I have been very keen on sexuality and I turned into a kinkiness explorer. I love to explore all possibilities of kinkiness and hate a boredom vanilla sex life. But I never thought my girlfriend kirthika will. Her breath was soft on my neck and I could feel her well formed breasts pressed against my chest. She smelled wonderful with her arms around me. Spicy and sweet, almost like a frosted cinnamon roll that had just come out of the oven. We must have held each other for fifteen or twenty seconds before I felt her embrace relax and I gently let her down.“I wanted to say thank you again Dave” said Sara.“It’s no problem. I’m glad I was there.”“Well, I owe you. If you ever need my help please let me.

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