At about 7 pm I threw myself in the shower, shaved my balls and ass, get dressed and walked slowly to the agreed address.The two of them met me on the...terrace of a very beautiful villa, which surprised me. I thought I would run into some apartment, but no, it's a castle with a pool. They invited me to sit down, ask what I was drinking, and a gentle conversation started. We talked about everything except about what we agreed on. In an instant, Marija rose from the table and headed for the pool.. Lets hope Mr. Edwards feels the same way when he sees me, but know whatI knew about him so far convinced me that he wouldn't have any problemswith my appearance.I picked up my cigarette case and walked gracefully into the bedroomwhere I found Mr. Edwards already in bed and under the sheets. "Did youbring me a glass of wine?" I asked.He pointed to the nightstand, "on my side of the bed" and smiled, andthen he he said, "I'm really happy you're here tonight, Honey. I'm sohappy and you look. Watch out for the ax” He said, whispering out loud.Daiyu put her hands to her waist. There was more than one way to wake him up. She got right next to his head and yelled, “HEY! ... DOFUS!”Suddenly Sárkány’s eyes opened wide and looked at her. He grabbed ahold of her and yelled, “My lady! I will save you! Stay by myself, and no harm will come to you!” He looked all around the tent, looking for anything hostile.He had such a firm hold of her as he got on top of her. Her body was smothering her. “You two did too do it, you just won’t admit it”I answered “You’re right, I won’t. Even if she tells you we did, I’ll deny it.”Melissa just sat there for a few minutes thinking and then said “Well I know you fucked Michelle. Everyone knows that”I answered “Everyone? How does everyone know that?”She answered “Oh please, she brought you, a sophomore from another school to her Junior Prom. Everyone knows you did it.”I answered “Well everyone is wrong. She brought me, a friend from another town,.

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