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Marcus pulled up in front of the driveway and pulled the car to a stop."Here we are," He said with a knowing smile on his face as he looked overat his...friend. The red haired sissy smiled back at his friend,purposefully missing the mischief in his friend's gaze. "Have a good timebuddy and don't do anything that I wouldn't do." Considering that you're a total slut, that doesn't leave much," Ethanreplied with a giggle. The other sissy giggled and shrugged hisshoulders. There was no denying the. I wound the window down about a 3rd of the way and the figure asked in a male voice"hi what are you upto ? " . i replied that i was out just hanging about chillingand getting a little horny.He replied that he could see that and i was definitelya "horny little slut just showing myself to anyone like that! ". He asked if i liked that sort of thing and did i like being a dirty slut and be told what to do for people and i said yes it did turn me on being ordered about but i'd never been told to do. All the pics are taken of men either on a beach wearing speedos or in a studio by the look of it where the guys are either very well dressed or in just their underwear. He starts telling me about how he finds young men and then creates portfolios for them to then use for modelling etc. He looks at me and says he would love to take my pics. I am adamant that that will not be necessary as I have no intention of ever going into modelling. He says that it is okay but he would still just love to. That expression is enough to have her in bed. A beauty, a seduction …I introduced myself, she said “Mmm” and smiled. Wow … What a seductive smile man ….. And saw her husband coming near me.I greeted him and introduced myself and gave the keys. He introduced himself as durai, and by seeing his wife he said, “She is my wife meena” .. And their son pranav .. Again she smiled when he introduced her to me.While talking with him I planned to be with them few more mins … Actually not with them .. With.

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