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I remember when Archibald and I were watching the Kathleen Willey interview, the poor woman who was groped by President Clinton?and then of course the...insane slut Monica Lewinsky. Think how much better off the country might have been if Hillary had kept Bill in chastity! And it’s done wonders for other family members as well.My youngest son Gator, so called because he won a Jimmy Carter infant look-alike contest in 1978 also is in chastity, and when he and his wife divorced, she sent me his. I was about to teach him that if I had endured so much pain getting it in me then he’d better be prepared to finish the job properly. I finished licking his solid cock and instantly reached for the lube fingering a large blob into my hole, I knew it wouldn’t be enough but that was part of my plan. I bent over and nudged the head of his cock against my anus then reached back and pulled him into me. The first half inch caused my sphincter to spasm painfully just as I intended, the agonising pain. Anyways, something took me over, like a natural instinct. Her pussy was magnetizing my now throbbing cock. I push her on her shoulder to have her lay on the bed and I get on top of her with my knees on either side of her. I just had to caress her body, I had a feeling this was not going to last long. I gently caressed her breasts and I played with her nipples a bit. "Kid, you oughtta hurry up, I dont think I or my pussy can wait any longer!" For some reason I thought that the best thing to. Still, the best part is screwing with Jack afterwards.It all started when Jack and me where in the last year of college. We had been lovers for quite a while and there was a kind of unspoken agreement between us that we would get married after we'd finished college and secured a steady job. Jack had already found out that I love to talk dirty and that I get excited when I'm humiliated a little. Usually, we'd go to his room to make love. His roommate, Ronald, would go out when we were fucking,.

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