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Every time I would rub thigh his robe would open more and more exposing his cock more and more. He asked if I was ready and I said absolutely. He to get on my knees in front of him and he untied the robe. I finally got to see his whole cock and thought it looked amazing. I crawled over and gently took it in my hand and started to stroke it. I loved feeling it get hard in my hand. I teased him some with my tongue before taking it in my mouth. I sucked him for awhile and I was rock hard.. The head was almost twice as big as the vibrator and I gently pressed it against her pop hole. She looked back again toward me as I pressed even harder.I continued to push my cockhead until I felt it slide inside of her ass. She was so tight; I knew I couldn't move very much. I reached under her and began to flick her clit with my finger.As I removed my finger from her clit I said, "Play with your clit. Make it really sensitive."She reached under and began to rub it. I gripped her hips. Hmmmmmmm, remembering my morning with Cody and Tim. He was very hard, already. No need for preliminaries. I was also still wet from the stimulation of being naked and falling into my submissive mode … an instant trigger for me.I raised up and took hold of his cock and lowered myself, wiggled a bit to find my cunt hole and settled down. I looked over at the other pilot who was watching. I said, “You just watch the road or whatever you watch up here. Your turn is coming if you want it.” As I. After dragging his box into place, he brought the rolling case over and dumped the salt blocks in.Standing next to the box of salt, he repeatedly slammed a long piece of lumber endways into the salt blocks, breaking them into smaller and smaller pieces. Then when he had accomplished all he could with that, he knelt with a shorter piece of the wood and smashed the flat side of it into the salt, stirred it, then continued until he could find no more lumps. Eventually, the box was almost full of.

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