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Also, he poured some whiskey and coke for himself."Here you go," DeCarlos smiled. He turned on the TV. "What do you like to watch?" It don't matter. Y...u can put on whatever," Vic shared.DeCarlos set the channel to ESPN.They continued to smoke passing it back and forth.Vic announced, "Can you keep a secret?" Of course," DeCarlos opined."Good." What's the secret?" Look it's eight o'clock. I like skinny women." Okay," nodded DeCarlos."But I always wanted to fuck a feminine guy." Really?" Hell. He asked if I could wait till they finished their game. I said "sure", relieved that this situation seemed to be working out OK. I was not in any hurry to get home to my empty appartment. I felt somewhat dwarfed with my petite 5'5" frame standing between these two big guys as we exchanged small talk while they finished their game. Their gentlemanly demeanor seemed a little out of place with their appearance. Ken was funny and I was enjoying their company. With the game over, the. As she reached the top of the stairs and entered the restroom, Jennifer's thoughts returned to the previous night.Mike's naked body cascaded down the stairs. She was below him, still wearing her heels—but nothing else. She released her grip on his wet, softening cock. The taste of his cum lingered in her mouth.He grabbed her underarms and pulled, signaling that he wanted her to move up. She assumed he wanted her to go to the bedroom. However, as she climbed past him and her knees came astride. I am becoming used to the taste of cum, too."I thought a moment, "Bethany, have you ever had anal sex?" Not yet, Master. You have said that I will. I hope you will be gentle but that's your decision."Taylor looked at her with a questioning look. "I've only had anal sex once. It was while here at the University at a frat party. I was very drunk. I don't remember it well." Were you double penetrated?" No. It was one on one though I was fucked that night a few times, also."I looked at Bethany and.

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