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His tongue enters her spring-fresh mouth, as her tongue eagerly receives it, as the two tongues dance together in harmony. Suddenly Danny stops, to the soft green grass, then sprawling out on his back. Concerned, Kandi kneels beside him, reaching to kiss his softening shaft and hold his dejected jewels.“Thank you, Kandi. I need your loving compassion. You know, your breasts look even more beautiful in this position. They look juicier than two giant kiwis.”“And your penis feels more. My Mia was so lovely and so perfect. I had found my heaven. I would stay here the rest of my life. I could never let her escape my love.Mia cried the first time we made love. She told me that no man had ever made her feel this way before. I was gentle and slow and comforting and she told me that it was as if a new life had begun for her. She said it was the first time that she had truly enjoyed a man being inside her. She wanted more of this, she told me.My Mia made me laugh. She was full of. Jerome kept glancing at the car, knowing what the lady had been doing. His friend Dale asked what was going on. Wendy noticed Jerome whispering to Dale and looking over. This only got her wetter again!She invited the boys over for some Gatorade, and asked if they needed anything more.They looked at her hard nipples, and their dicks began to grow.She suggested they go behind the restroom which was near the bushes.Her ass was swaying as she walked, and soon both your men had raging hard-ons!Wendy. He's telling me how good that ass feels and he's slowly giving me every inch. Finally I feel his balls against me and immense pressure w/ that dick buried inside of me. He puts his hands firmly on my back and holds me in place while he uses deep strokes making a noisy, sloppy fuck. I instinctively put my chest down and ass up higher and he likes that and drives deep yet again while I moan & whine like a bitch and my thighs start to shake. I want him to come for me and give me his seed, as I.

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