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"When he grinned at me, my lips curled over his finger and began sucking on it. He moaned breathlessly as his cock began to reharden and become erect ...gain. Pushing me on my back, Avery lay on top of me, kissing my neck while alternating his tongue and teeth. My hand tangled in his thick, black hair as I felt his hands sliding down my body. Yes... I thought. Take your little princess like a common housemaid.Avery pushed my legs apart and, with a short yet firm kiss to the mouth, buried his face. I didn’t want it to hurt and when I felt Kaci take a deep breath, I asked if she was okay. Nodding her head as she lay there with her eyes closed, I told her to relax. Kaci squirmed a little as I continued to slowly push into her. As I pushed into more, Kaci did look at me and pushing on me, asked me to stop. As I pulled back a little, she again closed her eyes and as she put her hands to my sides she said, “It’s okay.”Kissing her, I again slowly pushed into her. It felt so good to be in her. To him itwas the beginning of a courtship.I was fascinated by Robert. The Dot Com bubble was starting to burst andRobert had formed a company to purchase the assets and names of thedying companies and resell them. His business, like mine, was juststarting to break even but it was unlike mine in some big ways. Roberthad three employees. His company offered benefits and Robert drew a verygood salary. At 26 I was surviving, at 31 he was prospering.We went to a baseball game, he beat me (pretty. He's crying. She remembered crying, both as Robb and asBobbie that first time with Melanie. "It's okay, Nick." She smiled,trailing her hand down his neck.They slipped apart, Bobbie slipping her shirt back on sans the bra. Nickdressing quickly, he zipped up his pants. She could see the low light ofthe television cast against the moist surfaces of his face."Uh... I guess the hospital's out." He laughed shakily. "Unless youstill..."Bobbie stepped forward, her bare, hairless crotch glistening in.

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