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Paint my face. Coat me in the blessed cum.’ He groaned and exploded showering her face with his hot seed. It flew from his cock and splattered her ...cross the cheek, nose, mouth and chin. Her hand on his cock held it steady as she cleaned it religiously. When he tried to move she squeezed his cock hard. ‘Ut uh. Not yet.’ She purred. ‘I want you to watch this.’ She raised her other hand from lower on the bed and began to scoop his cum off her face with her fingers. ‘Blessed.’ She whispered. 'Query' was all that Deborah asked, Manny covered his mouth it alwaysamused Francine how Debbie and machines get along, the holoscreen shown atechnical image of his new brain.Annette cut in: "Look at it, this is nothing like Francine's, norManuel's it's female but it is new."Deborah sighed, Manny was shocked by the discovery and the he was hit bysomething he never felt before, he felt immense pain and visibly spasmfor under a minute and then completely shut down, his body slumped andthere was. Ilook more female than male now even naked!" he gasped, his head in aconfused whirl. "I want to see the doctor again, right away! I wentalong with this to have a good life Ms. Lawrence. I'm not stupid. Iknow it's a game. I know what you've been doing, teaching me to be moreladylike for Richard and all but it was supposed to be a act, like beingin a play or something. We had an arrangement and I thought thateventually I'd be able to put enough money aside to maybe leave one dayand get back. ” Perkins knew how to do it anywhere and told his boss to follow his lead. He leaned her back against her desk and lifted up her loose skirt from the front. He saw Bonnie’s exquisite creamy thighs above her black hose and garter snaps. Feeling his cock harden, he slid to his knees and kissed the milky white tops of her legs. Perkins slowly slid her panties down, took them off and placed them on the desk. He had another use for them. With the silky barrier to her pussy removed, he kissed her.

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