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The two women sat staring at the doctor with a look of disbelief. How could he ever suggest such a thing? After all the girls were only fourteen and n...w, birth control pills! The doctor went on to explain that the girls could get shots to accomplish the same thing, but the regiment would require a trip the their family physician's office about every two weeks.Marge and Anne talked quietly between themselves for a few minutes. Finally they agreed to the doctor's recommendation. They told him. I was staring at him again and then I noticed that I might have a problem. It appears that my cock was starting to stir and I had a semi. My gf noticed and commented on me getting excited because of another mans cock and then she surprised me when she told me to touch it. I said no that I didn’t do that and she laughed and reached out and took his big cock in her hands. She looks at me kind of funny and starts to stroke the guy’s cock. I can’t believe what I’m seeing, my pretty girlfriend. “You’re door’s locked, right,” Megan asked, “dad has to think you went back to sleep if he comes back.”“Yes, little miss I’ve got everything planned.” Aaron replied. “You’re just like Carly, you’re so confident about everything you do, it kind of scares me.” Megan looked down ashamed. Aaron caught her expression, “We can just forget about what just happened, I tend to forget what I think when I’m lost in the moment so no harm done.” Aaron sat on the toilet seat and grabbed the uneasy little. I settled onbrownish tones for my eye make-up and, as it was an evening look, addeda pair of false eyelashes. If I say so myself, I was very pleased withthe image I saw smiling back at me from the mirror. Cindy found me ablack clutch bag, into which I slipped a little lace hankie, mylipstick, a compact, some money, my mobile phone, a key to Cindy?s flatand a couple of credit cards. (Note to self: need to sort out a creditcard that just shows initials, without any ?Mr? or ?Ms?!) I was amusedat.

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