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He said I won't do anything that you don't want. I said that's alright it's just that I've never done this. He said to relax and if it feels good to...just enjoy it. Then I let him kiss me. I opened my mouth and let him put his tongue inside and we French kissed. He kissed me for a long time and it felt like I was a woman being kissed by my lover. When he finally pulled his lips from mine I was dizzy with lust. I felt pressure from his arm around my shoulder pushing me down towards his. I reached for her. She withdrew. She shook her tits at me. People shouted encouragement. I turned as I danced. My cock bobbled, erect. It throbbed. She approached again.Pictures were being taken.My cock was in her hand. She continued to laugh. I took her hand in mine. She looked at me. I pulled her forward and turned her. She danced in front of me. I put my hands on her hips.Thumbs under panties. Slowly, I slid them down. She kicked them away and danced in front of me. She thrust her hips. ” A feeling of deep, deep embarrassment fills me, how on earth do I wriggle out of this one? I’m thinking of laying the blame on Jim, she hates Jim, so it could be any easy get out, the sweat is pouring out of me, if she blabs to management, I’m out on my backside. She sits down next to me, staring me out, wonder what her next move is. She picks the mag up and flicks through it, pausing for a minute - cool as a cucumber she enquires, “So who’s your favourite? I mean who do you wank off over?”. It was very erotic seeing the chains from his cock connected to her pussy. As he pulled out of the pussy, he could see the chains pull the pussy. This was a major turn on to him and the faster he fucked her the faster they would pull the pussy lips. They also felt good as they pulled his cock ring too. He then pushed in and out of her hole with his hard cock. He started slow but as it felt so good he plunged deeper and faster fucking her as hard as he could. The chains pulled on the connecting.

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