"Ya we still have a few days so we might make another run or two," Frank said.We spent the next six hours unloading trucks and partially filling the s...orage area. I noticed the ladies left part of the way through. I thought they might be making last minute plans for the weddings. We all missed lunch and decided on an early dinner. After dinner I was dragged off by some ladies and given instructions on tomorrow; the weddings were to be held just after lunch. The ceremony was a simple one and I. He'd resumed his previous place on my shoulder and was usually there. It turned out that on his home world his people had established a standing partnership with a much larger native species, one with little brainpower but lots of muscle, and they usually lived as pairs; Asmedogh's kin tended to ride their beasts around, and he liked the field of vision it gave him. When I was cooking it gave me a second pair of hands, which was occasionally convenient.Most of the cooking was for me, though;. I believe he had been gone for the previous two weeks on a ski trip and was just now returning. A very handsome young man I might add."We're watching the game and I notice that Charlene is trying to talk to Michael about something but he's busy with the game, pretty much ignoring her. So she gets up to see if anyone wants refreshments. I noticed that she's standing in such a way that her butt is sticking right in Michael's face. And I see Michael looking while trying not to look like he's. " I say picking myself and my things up off the floor as I force myself not to cry. I hurry to Mrs Copelyn without any further incident and follow her out of the classroom.We walk in silence, our footsteps echoing down the polished empty hallways and my terror grows ever larger with every corner we turn."Wh-why does the headmaster want to see me Miss? Am I in trouble?" I ask the receptionist hesitantly, finally breaking the emotionally sapping silence."My name is Mrs Copelyn, not Miss." She.

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