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She has always acted like shes not into that but on our vaction she sparked a converstation at a tiki bar with this sexy black man who was about 6'5" ...nd was ripped and appeared to have a bulge in his pants. So she tells me that he is very cool and for me to invite him to our hotel room for some wine, at first it made me mad for her to ask me such a thing, but about 10 secs later i felt my cock getting hard in my pants so i said fuck it and asked him. His name was Yazeer and he agreed, i did. It took about an hour but eventually Jan said we are there. I saidwhere? Jan said just get out of the car and walk. I was so embarrased Isaid I couln't. Jan said just get out. I finally did and then she droveoff!! I started walking down the street and Jan appeared at a housescreaming look at the sissy!I cringed. Jan and she said "welcome to the house of submission"Jan and I walked around the house and every where we looked there wassex!!This woman in latex walked up and said I am. Dhekte hi mera lund harket mai aa gaya . Or m.aine soch liya .ki aaj t.o. iske sath sex karu ga! Fir kya tha mai us k pass gaya or us drink offer ki us drink le k thanks kha or drink pe li fir who dacne floor par gayi wha us ne kya dance kiya mai bhi uske pechee pechee dance floor par gaya or uske sath dance karne laaga.bich mai maine usko touch kiya us ne kuch nahi kha shayad who nashe mai thi yha use bhi maja aa rha tha .fir kya tha mai use touch karta rha or who njoy kar rahi thi.fir usne. As she looked at Beth, she placed a hand in her own panties and started to massage her little bud. This always brought her pleasure but this would be the first time she had done it when she wasn't alone. As she circled her clit with her finger, she admired her friend’s body. Beth was very cute; long blonde hair, big blue eyes. Erin wondered if Beth ever played with herself like she was doing now. They had talked about lots of intimate things, but not that.Soon an overwhelming urge came over.

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