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I couldnt stop thinking about her lingerie and as normal on her nights out I went upstairs to our bedroom, took few beers up and found some pretty pin... lingerie for me to wear for the evening. The feeling of the lacy panties around my cock, always got me off, but better still, the silky feel of her neglie against my skin topped it off.never wanting to admit my little fetish to her, I only had the chance to dress up once a fortnight and i always made the best of it. Searching under the drawer. Ha ha… love you talk to you later has bf nicely.Sree: asssholeeee without me! Mujhe peena(lick (have another meaning also so…)) h tera Saale tujhe chodungi nai jab ham saath honge.Me: I am all yours.Then days passed finally the day came where we were together… I came to her home as she lives alone at night so that no one sees me.. she opened the door and asked “did any one saw you? I said no” she pulled me inside and said “laude aaj nai chodungi tujhe” and started smooching me wildly, I. She soon started to shape up and look fitter. I have always thought her pretty good-looking for a sister, but getting aroused as I watched her work-out caused conflicting feelings for me. I knew it was wrong to feel turned-on by her, but as she got fitter and worked-out harder, and bounced and jiggled more and more, the urge to get my hands on her body grew stronger and stronger.One morning we were sat in the living room together. She had showered and changed after her workout and was showing. Now she released her hands and spread them over the bed. I lowered my self above her and kissed her. I tried to push my tongue deep into her throat but could not. Instead I moved it around her tongue and she also did the same and enjoyed it. I felt her hands on my breasts moving in a circular motion and gently pinching my nipples. As I moved my face to kiss her shoulders, she undid the buttons of my blouse and took it off. She started kneading my boobs again without removing my bra,.

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