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[You know, it is rude to talk about someone when they can hear you.] Samuel broke into their conversation with his thoughts.Samuel could feel the shoc... that both were feeling. [I apologize. It has been a long time since a humanoid with your abilities has been seen. Though as you can see all are trained to handle almost anything. Please come aboard so we can discuss this in a more relaxed setting.] Returned the man’s thoughts. Samuel was nodding though he was feeling a lot of deception from the. ." Seriously what?" Arti said in a low tone."Oh good! You're awake again," I said in a relieved tone. "Seriously pissed off, is what I'd be. You can't take out one of my team members without seriously pissing me off." Team members," she whispered. Then more audibly, she said, "It hurts to breathe. Was I shot?" You were shot, and you were hit. But the vest did its job, so you're just sore." What about him? The DEA guy?" I'm almost sure he's not DEA. Probably 5225. I shot him back. If he was. Soon they both came to the surface with Charlotte still clinging to Steve. Steve walked to the shallow end and carried Charlotte up to the deck and gently placed her on a chair. As he released her, Charlotte made a swooning sound and pretended to pass out.By this time, everyone has laughing heartily. Gwen walked over to her friend and felt her pulse. Then she turned to the group and cried," Someone dial 911! This poor girl is all twitter-pated!"Charlotte's clowning around had succeeded in. Dry and raspy. She knows she needs air.Inhaling deeply, she coughs. And realizes, that something is around her throat. Something fine, soft. But finding that she is not able to bring her head up. She grasps for the words, “Tied up.” Her breathing laboured. Taking smaller breaths she finds its easier.“Good. You are awake. I thought maybe…ahem.” a man outside her line of sight speaks. “Well we are alone now. No one is expecting you.” he sounds almost like he is singing. ” And we are going to have.

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