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Heavily pregnant and worried about getting her figure back for the big day, but fine.''You're getting married then?''As soon as her divorce comes ...hrough. I don't suppose you could have a word with your client, could you? Ruth's doing her best for Kelly, but Roy's an awkward bastard.''I heard she was trying to take him for everything he had.''Come on, Jerry. You know what he was like, don't you think Kelly deserves her fair share. Besides, if it weren't for Kelly, he'd have nothing. Did you. I had a couple more drinks, this time it was just beer, seeing that someone else found that bottle and left no trace for me to find it. For once, I had nothing to do, noone to talk to was around, so I just stood there, drinking. I received a few glances from a couple of girls. I recognised them from school. I raised my cup to greet them. The girls giggled and turned away.After a few moments, a blonde walked up to me. I struggled to remember her name, so she had to tell me. 'Yeah, Samantha,. I relaxed in a lounge chair watching Bobby as he swam and scoping out some of the sexy chicks. Before long I was feeling pretty horny and there was a noticable bulge growing in my shorts so I got up and dove into the water swimming over to Bobby. He said "Did you get too hot sitting in the sun?" I said "Yeah, sort of, I needed to cool off thats for sure." He smiled as he pointed out one of the babes, "She's got great boobies doesn't she?" "Yes she does!" I replied. "My dick gets hard when I. "Continuing the slow fucking, I wet my thumb and slid it into her ass, feeling my hard cock sliding in and out. Sliding my thumb in and out in cadence with my cock pistoning in and out of her, she started moaning louder and louder."Well, I think my cock will fit nicely" I said, as withdrew from her pussy and pressed my cock against her ass.She moved her hips down a little, reorienting herself, and pooched out her ass some more, and then I started slowly feeding my hard cock into her warm.

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