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"Who would like to try the stocks?"Tyra quickly answered, "I would, if it please you, my lord." She glanced at Catlin and Meg and said, "At least I ca... sit down."John overheard the remark and smiled at her. She would soon find that sitting was not as comfortable as it seemed. Tyra was led to the stocks where she was seated on the wood plank, her legs stretched out in front of her, and her ankles spread about two feet apart and placed in the padded holes of the cross piece. A top bar was lowered. "No, just the good looking ones" was the reply. "Thank you very much," I said, genuinely grateful for their compliment. "Well do you then?" they continued. "I suppose so," I said. The sun was getting hotter and a bit more sun cream wouldn't have done me any harm. And now I had two willing helpers.Jon and Dan were 18 year olds and judging by their shorts they were clearly aroused. "Do you both want to help with the sun cream?" I asked, knowing full well they both did. "Yes," they said. I told. She must have been about thirty eight years old, single and lived on her own. I on the other hand had only just turned eighteen, and was as randy as hell for most of the time. She often took to wearing a see through nighty in the house, which in turn made me walk around with a stonking great hard on. I have no idea if she ever noticed it, or even cared if she had.At night as I lay awake thinking about how I could get to fuck her during my stay with her, a plan formulated in my brain. Before she. As soon as I stripped, I started getting veryhorny, so I headed for a spot where I could getcomfortable. I sat down on a big rock by a pond and putmy feet into the water. It was cool, but felt good. I began rubbing my pussy, spreading myself open to getat my clit. Before long I had three fingers in while myother hand worked my clit and my nipples alternately. Iwas quite a sight, lying back naked playing withmyself. I got off a couple of times like that, and thengot up on my knees and one hand.

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