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What do you think?"Chapter 2Chelsea was her younger sister, she had just turned fourteen and, if anything, was even cuter than Kendra.So, did I want t... be naked in front of Kendra's little sister? I'd already been naked with her older sister and, well, it was really kind of fun to show off my goods so I told her that it would be fine with me."I can get her right now if that's all right?" she asked and, a bit surprised at the suddenness, I told her I was okay with that. Kendra left her room and. My friend had a recent breakup and was in that mood and by the way his name is anil and he is shirt than me but more attractive . i saw him when he was seeing my girl friend in that angle . That night i was speaking about him to her in call and slowly told her how he used to fuck his gf an all. She got aroused by it and did phone sex in call and that was amazing..We used to do phone sex a lot and Slowly I asked her to think about him while doing in phone first she didnt like that slowly and she. How can you fuck that bush when you have a tight, slick hole in the house? He asked my father. No resemblance there, unless&hellip,. He laughed and pushed me to my knees in front of my mother. Spread her lips open cunt. I reached up spreading my mothers legs, then rubbed her cunt. My father made a strangled protest behind me but I was hot. I knew Mr. Miller was getting off on this, and from the heavy breathing I thought maybe daddy was too. As I rubbed my mothers hairy cunt with my small hands. Her eyes danced merrily as she saw my nipples start to show through my clothes. She raised one eyebrow at me, with an inscrutable smile. Playfully she opened a button, then a second, and slipped her hand under the dress, winking as she teased the bare breast beneath, teasing me a bit with a glimpse before covering herself with her hand. My hand reached over to my left nipple, mirroring her movement.We sat watching each other intently for a minute, each of us silently teasing. As she unbuttoned.

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