”Eyes still defiant, she yanked my Jockeys down to my ankles, then turned her gaze to my dick. “Is it dead?” she asked in a sarcastic tone. I re...lly hadn’t expected her to be this feisty, especially after Jake’s warning.“No, it just needs some mouth-to-head resuscitation. Now get busy,” I ordered. Lifting it with her tongue she slid it into her mouth, closed her lips around it, and began a milking action that was amazing. Frances had some skills. I wondered briefly if she’d ever sucked David’s. Ill suck your cock and swallow your cum, please. He said, You will bang this and the other new dildo and I know you will cum both times. I said, You are going to rape me then? He laughed saying, You call it what you want but you are cumming two more times and a matter of fact harder than the first time! He was pumping it a bit and each inward stroke it was in deeper and deeper until he stopped. I was letting out some familiar sounds to him, my urring he called it knowing I indeed liked the. Oh nooo I thought my sister was gonna come in and she might see..I better hide it I thought. Then my sister walked in all was normal I had it locked in between my legs. My sister sat me up and she was still in a robe soo I got a pretty good sight of her boobs. My dick was getting bigger how horny could I get. After giving me the toast and tea she told me to stand up so she could clean the bed...This was bad she would see I had a hard on..this was embarrassing. I told her to do it later as I. It felt nowhere near as good as that first release, but it was top five easy. I recovered to see Ryans face fading to purple, his cheeks puffed out in powerful concentration. And after a last upward thrust of his mighty meat-stick, his bulbous head popped from my hole, and I dropped to the ground as soft as he could put me down. Still in that bow-legged stance, he power-jacked his gigantic salami cock. It was usually just over six inches but it seemed so much bigger and thicker than before,.

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