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The day I picked you up at the airport the first time you were in town twenty-whatever years ago, I picked up that you found me attractive”. “I wa...n’t aware”.“Guys usually aren’t. I thought you were very cute. I also knew Lynn was crazy about you. I didn’t want to get between you two”.“So, what’s next?”“Let’s go back to the house I just showed. They are out of the country until February”.So, we drove back to the house.We went inside. Tracy said “let’s go upstairs”, took my hand, and let me. Iwas in heaven. The shop assistant made sure that each item fit properlyand achieved maximum femininity. It was so charming to have her hold eachcup in her hands to be sure the flesh and the fabric meshed. I spentseveral hundred euros just on bras. Then my other objective of themorning was taken care of. I had to have an all-in-one corselette. It wassomething which I knew every woman of my age and generation had to have.My helper was attuned to my needs and brought me a gorgeous number. It gets him all excited when I tell him, in detail, about making love with you. I caught him jacking off the other night. I like to get all smoochy with him when I see that. I helped him out a little and while I was playing with his balls and talking about my face in your pussy, he shot so hard I thought I was going to have to clean the ceiling. Of course, he wants you to come back. Of course he wants to be in the middle of two us, butt naked, playing with him and each other. He's a guy. Guys. She cried and said she was sorry. She told me she thought I was going to leave her. I laughed a bit and said IM not going to leave u b/c I love u. she stooped crying and kisses my long and passionately I returned the kiss and picked her up. I asked her where she went and she told me to go to the bed room and follow the instructions.I went to the bed room and saw it and a box with a few things in it. It said1. take off all our cloths2. Get the handcuffs and lay on our stomach3. put the handcuffs.

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