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He hands me the daiquiri."Here you go babe. I hope you like this one." I smile and nod. "Listen baby", he says. "I know why you're here. You're here b...cause deep inside, you're a pathetic little faggot slut. You're here because you dream day and night about cocks. You're here because tonight, you hope that I will use both your holes, and cum all over you. You're here to start your transformation."I almost choke on my girly drink. How can he know so much about me. How can he guess how I'm. I can hear you grunting and moaning. The raw power of it buckles my legs, and I slide to the floor. My fingers a blur, as I see your thighs tighten. You're about to cum. I just know it. Thrusting your hips forward as you squeeze and pump furiously, I see a huge amount of white cum splatter all over the glass door. It's too much. My head thrown back; I let wave after wave of shocking pleasure roll over me. My pussy contracts around empty air and my thighs tighten and shudder with each pulse. . - Sorry, m'did't notice there was a lady here. We are full skank get lost. - the man grunted and turned his back to continue work. - O c'mon I am looking no different then the rest of you! - the young woman protested but soon realized it was to no avail. Apparently the mechanic shop was stuffed with work and she could not offer even money for their trouble. - Can you at least sell me the part I need? - Rey mumbled. After some torturous seconds. ” Without a word, he stands up, takes out his wallet and pulls out a condom. Then he sits down in his chair, grabs his cock and jerks himself for a minute. I watch him hungrily. “You are so hot,” I tell him. His brown eyes lock on to my green ones as he continues to work his hand up and down his shaft, getting it back to a full erection. Then he rolls the condom on and says, “Come here,” settling back into his chair. I jump off the desk and straddle him on the chair, grabbing his massive dick.

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