Only the moment is real. The now. The incident and the event are real,but only as long as they happen, for memories, also, are unreal.Very well. Let m... explain. Perhaps an example will help. My breasts arereal when their weight is in my hands--or yours. They have density, then;they are tangible; they are measurable. Unmistakably, they haveexistence. But, after the moment, when they are no longer held, they arejust ideas, nothing more than memories.Eva, my former love, says I am too. "Oooooh yeah, Jimmy! Eat it up!" my sister urged excitedly, her eyes inches from where my tongue was saying a warm friendly hello to our mother's anal jewel. "And later I get to watch you bust it open with your big, thick cock--"She brought her mouth to my ear, whispering huskily."-- the way you bust open mine!" Feels so good, too," mom chirped in from above, overhearing. "his big one in there, huh Amy?Now I pulled away and let my sister take over as we went back and forth, taking our time. “Sit next to me,” I implored. Sam looked around, as if he was looking to see whether or not there was anyone in the restaurant who might tattle on him, and then seeing it was OK, he slipped on to the leather seat beside me. He took a deep breath and forcibly exhaled. I could tell he was nervous.I grabbed Sam’s hand and squeezed it in mine.“It’s OK,” I said. “We’re only having lunch.”“I wished it was that simple,” Sam replied.“It’s.. just... a... simple... lunch,” I reiterated very slowly.Sam. I had known Kevin so long that fear of uncomfortable questions between us had no place in our relationship. I just come out and ask, “Kevin, are you gay?” Kevin looks over his should and gazes at me for a moment. “I…don’t think so, but well.” He turns around and put both hands over his belly, almost looking shy. “I wouldn’t mind if it was with you, I think.” My heart felt a sudden burst of excitement and fear. Shit was this really happening. For years I had never put much thought into how Kevin.

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