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We'd been drinking for a while when we were told we'd been invited to a private function. It gave us access to a free band and disco which was obvious...y great.We learnt it was a function for Post Office Workers.There was a lot of curiosity, amongst the women, as to why we were getting married on our own. Some of them had theories that our families didn't get on or i'd stolen her from her intended. The men were not really bothered and just kept buying me drinks.It was a shame to have to tell. Chapter 4Carol was back home , she had a great time last night , she & Joyce had 69d and pissed all over her ex-husbands face , she loved doing that best,She'd have have to really thank Max for that, Where was he she wondered.? Max was at Bev's house she was a new submissive , she was a 55 year old brunette married brunette with fat cuckold husband , he had met her at the supermarket & was now spanking his giant prick all over her face , as her limpdicked husband Melvin watched with an open. “But if not, you’ll watch on TV?”“I don’t see any other real possibility, unless you know someone here with a box that could get me in.”“I might,” Ned interjected. “Let me make a phone call tomorrow. A friend of mine works for a firm that represents Ed DeBartolo in his non-sports interests. He owes me a favor.”“I’d really appreciate that,” I said, instantly recognizing the name of the main owner of the Penguins.“I’ll see what I can do.”As Don Joseph had pointed out to me years ago, developing. All the couples sit and watch you and Jane pleasure each other. It doesn’t take long before things really take off. A couple of woman join Jane. They each take a breast to their mouth while Jane has her head between your legs expertly licking you out. You turn your head and see a woman kneeling between your husband’s legs. She is obviously sucking him off. You catch each other eyes and just smile. “No way he is going to say stop now” you think to yourself. All three women move away from you..

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