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Dan struck a muscular pose. Claudia took out her cell phone and took several pictures of him and Allison posing. Then she stood with Dan as Allison to...k several pictures.Dan closed the trunk and began to walk, “Dan, you can’t be serious! You’re actually going to wear that?” Claudia repeated. “I’ll just pretend I don’t know you,” she laughed.Dan burst out laughing and took off the helmet then the pillow, “I sure had you going!” He laughed again, as he returned the helmet and pillow to the. (Son why be shy? You came out of here, and I have seen everything). She had pointed to her pussy while saying the last sentence.Saying this, she unbuttoned me and let my pants fall down. My rock hard cock peeked through my boxers.“Hai kitna lamba hai.” She laughed. (Wow this is so nice and big).I was speechless, and was just staring at her boobs.She pulled down my boxers and gazed at the uncut dick. The tip was peeking out through the foreskin which was glistening with pre-cum almost dripping. ‘Nope,’ she said as she started pulling them up over her knees, then lifted her butt off the seat. I watched as she slid her jeans on right over the big load of semen I had just sprayed all over her, and zipped them up. ‘This is the other thing I wanted. To feel your come soaking into my bush and labia for the rest of the night, feeling the stickiness as it dries, reminding me of this encounter. She leaned over and kissed me. ‘Time for dinner??’ ‘Sure, now that we’ve had dessert!!’ We went off. Amber’s breasts had escaped from the top of a red and black bustier. One of her hands was buried within the vee of her thighs and the other was pinned under Cathie’s hips. He stepped out of his slippers and padded barefoot over to the girls. He reached down and caressed his wife’s head. She smiled with her eyes closed and took his hand in hers. He turned slightly until his cock trembled inches from Amber’s face. Cathie whispered huskily, “Amber, my dear, a present has just arrived for you.”.

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