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Augusta took a sip of her coke and thought back, and then she started talking.Two months before the rescueThe rain was coming down in a light drizzle ...n the capital of Karsakini. The smog from the foundries was filling the sky to the east of the city. While to the west, the spaceports were bustling with arriving and leaving ships. The construction yards were busy as usual as the Crytherians worked on building new ships."Attention, all humans in the city. In one hour, you're to lock all windows,. I leaned my ear into the door and my mouth dropped. Was that rapid breathing I heard behind the door? Oh sweet Jesus, was she in there masturbating? I tried to concentrate, but the damned pump from the fishtank in the living room was distracting me. Oh, but I think she was in there cumming....I prayed she was thinking of me as her fingers played inside her. I was so excited I ran upstairs into my bathroom. My pussy was soaked when I took my shorts off. I needed to be filled, I needed immediate. I said I will take you to the adult book store so you can see what you want. Then I thought about a site where I had bought that one so I told her next week we will get online and order one for you.We got online where I showed her several but the thick one I had was what she wanted and 12 inches was fine. I showed her some dildos that also vibrated convincing her to buy one that was huge according to my wife anyway. It was 14 inches and 2 1/2 inches thick with veins. She filled out the paper. There was embarrassment in my eyes, I could feel it. But suddenly his lips were on mine; they were warm and felt cozy. I liked it better then kissing any other guy. When he realized I wasn't pulling away, he pushed himself against me. His tongue slowly slipped between my lips to play with mine. His hands were all over my body and I loved the feeling. He slowed down and looked at me once more, I could see the shame he felt, then I could feel him slipping away, I slung my arms around his neck,.

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