She sucked my cock for some 15 minutes and when it was ready for another round she got up and sat on my dick in cow girl position. It was here that sh... told me that it’s her favorite position and that she only gets her orgasm this way. So i fully cooperated with her and she jumped on my dick for some 10 minutes with occasionally rubbing her clit on my pelvic area. And viola, she came with a bang as she started to make sounds like, aaahhhhhh, eeehhhhhh, uhhmmmmm, etc. While at the same time. She is normal Keralite womane with big buttocks and breasts.Her hairs started to became grayed.I had a little eager to see her.She also knew that.But we never talked it frankly.Whenever we alone in that shop our subject would romance but not vulgarity. One fine morning I got a appointment email and i had to join a good job at Bangalore.So I went to Banagalore and there I was settled with a upper portion of 2 storied bulding.Ground floor occupied by the owner woman 65 yr old.So no disturbance.. " You know exactly what you want." Other than you, sure. It's about 6 or 7 inches long, maybe a little longer. And by preference it's attached to someone with a nice back, a firm butt, good shoulders, a muscular chest and a trim belly."Krissi laughed. "And should this paragon actually be good looking?" Preferable, but that's not required. I can always close my eyes. I've been with some guys who could stop traffic with their faces, literally, and maybe they did. But where it counts they've been. She brought tea for me and other snacks and I chatted for an hour but did not bothered her to change the topic on Sex or love, she tried it two three times but I ignored. I could see a line of anger on her face then I left her.Latter in the evening when my second aunt Geet inquired about what I thought about Priya aunt I told her that I respect them and this could not happen in my family.I knew that she will be a little disappointed and she will tell it to my aunt Priya too at night I came back.

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