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I don't know whether to be excited or scared as I was driving to theairport my rented car all dolled up to welcome and finally meet myGreek lover Mele...ios whom I have dating online and swapping emails,photos, text and phone calls for the last one year.How did we meet? He found sexy pix of me on my yahoo personals in sexysee-through white halter night gown with two side slits up to my upperhips, low-cut back falling just above my fine round black buns withthin straps and in my favorite 4-inch. I think sometimes people get comforable with other and don't think about what they are doing. Carl got a plumer said they be there in about 2 hours so I offer Carl a cup of coffee I didn't think as I gave it to him at our table my butt and my vigina was exposed he had a full view I relized it but acted like I hadn't I hear him say kinda under his breath dam that looks so good. I thought here I a preacher wife showing another man all I have and felt a little ashame but also felt good. Rex being. . literally, he thought to himself as the gamestheme began to play.Once more, his consciousness alerted him to the sights and sounds aroundas the familiar inn from the last time he had delved into this gamereappeared... the noises, clanking pitchers and chatter already startingdespite the early hour, things were busy...And once again Julian had slipped in to Juliette. Things felt differentthis time though. Even more vivid than previous. Less ... gamey andmore reality. There were no flickers. I felt him enter and hesitate then thrust deep as he moved his hands to my bottom to pull me tight against his black sweaty body as he slowly started to thrust and thrust as I wiggled with delight beneath my black lover, knowing that I was tasting of forbidden fruit - that of a black man in bed with a white married woman. I was now in a state of perpetual ecstasy as Andy continuously pounds his black manhood into my white womanhood slapping his black balls full of his seed against my bottom..

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