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Girl, get over here." I unzip my jeans. Suddenly my shaft springs free from my gaping zipper. You're amazed at the size and shape. It's a nice length,...although the base is hidden in my jeans. It is a dark brown like my face and hands. The girth is what's amazing. It's like a massive chocolate cucumber. You can't wait to get it inside. Grasping it in one hand, I reach for the back of your neck with the other. My eyes search your face for signs of resistance. Pulling your fingers out of your. ?My tongue pushes up inside his hole licking and slurping the shit out ofevery crevice in his shit hole.? I swishit around in my mouth and swallow so I have a slightly cleaner tongue withwhich to finish up cleaning his ass crack as well.? When the man feels his shit hole has beencleaned to his satisfaction he moves away and steps out my cage.? I hear him give me the order ?slave look atme? I nervously look up at him since I am so used to my gaze always being castdown and I am shocked when his. The device seemed to be workable, and yet it was so simple. It had been used during the Second World War to extract information from female spies, but some of them had died from its excessive use. The Emir intended to use it as a standard means of execution, instead of strangling. Once he was sure it would work it would be used in front of some of the more rebellious women and then they would fall in line.At about five feet from the ground in the centre of one wall he had a ring bolt firmly. “Well,” Della said, leaning back in her chair, “There is a quicker way, but you won’t believe it and I know you won’t want to do it.” His eyes lit up and his face became stern as though challenged. “I’m as much of a man as a guy can be, Doctor McDonald, whatever it takes, I can do it!” Ginger had no idea what Della was about to tell Frank and she edged up on the sofa next to him. Della looked at Frank as seriously as she could as she continued. “In addition to the pheromones secreted when.

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