Soon she was squirming as her orgasm crept up on her. "Thank you Safiya. You can get dressed and use the bathroom if you wish. When you go back to the...others do not tell them anything about what I did, I do not want them to know what to expect."Safiya nodded in acknowledgement, "Did I..." I will let you know with the others. Please tell Julie to come in."Mark lay naked on the bed with his cock half-erect as Julie came in. Her African heritage was obvious in her face and hair though her skin. I worked my way back up to his skinny ass and spread the cheeks of his butt apart. I ran my tongue up and down through the crack a couple of times and then started licking the asshole’s asshole.He shuddered in pleasure and even moaned a few times. I found that curious. I never realized that particular part of the body was an erogenous zone. I had certainly not been excited when Stacy had attacked my ass with that fat dildo.But seeing Brian’s reaction I wondered if a tongue there might not be a. ‘Thank you.’ She responds in a hushed and resigned tone. I guide her out of my flat into the chill landing, I know she hates it but she has no option other than to submit, and order her to stand facing the wall with her arms at her sides. I return to my flat and retrieve the flogger from my implement drawer. I then walk back slowly onto the landing. She knows that shortly, very shortly, she will be wracked with pain. ‘You will press your chest and stomach hard against the wall and raise your. I fucked her doggie style while she sucked his huge black cock.We then turned to our bedroom. "Now let me shave you two. I would like you to be smooth and shiny like a baby's ass. Carlos you are first!".I took the clippers, removed the guard and without spending much time I started buzzing his long black hair from the middle of his head towards his nape. I left a wide pale strip in the middle of his head. Linda start laughing when she saw it. He looked funny indeed.Within five minutes Carlos.

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