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Since the mansion was so large, there were several maids who worked there. Alice was the new maid, so she was only given a few rooms to keep clean, as...well as her own bedroom. One of the rooms she was given to clean was called the parlor. This is the room that Mr. Clark would relax in, as well as entertain guests. It had a very large fireplace in it that always needed to be constantly cleaned. There was also a large bar in it, and Alice was also in charge of making sure the glasses were always. I watched on expecting my wife to move away or at least slap his hands, but as she did neither, my mouth went dry and he cupped both her breasts through the dress. If you asked me how I would react if I found myself in this situation, like most men I’d say I’m going to knock him out. But I didn’t. Instead I stood watching as I found myself becoming aroused. Anna loves having her breasts groped, by me only, so I thought. They are her favourite feature and I know she gets turned on from all the. . well... uh, Maryon, we don't seem to be making very good progress our first semester, do we?"Followed, to her boredom, by a recital of her marks, her attitudes as reported by her other teachers, and the areas in which she might hope to make an improvement. She let the words run past her ears, not in the least way interested, until suddenly she realized that he was interested--but in her figure rather than her marks, for he couldn't seem to keep his eyes off the knee of her swinging. Sitting beside Judy, she smiled and said to me, "Alright Sam, whydon't you put on a show for us?"I nodded with my own bright smile in response, although I surely didn'tneed to be asked. I wondered if I should begin getting changed in frontof them as I could simply keep my leotard on underneath, however as Iwould need to remove my skirt for some of it, I decided against it.Even if Judy knew, I would rather avoid reminding her of it.Lifting myself up from the floor, I pushed the box back to the.

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