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Kirkland, this is more of a surprise inspection of the troops. You don’t have to notify anyone since I know my way around.”“I can’t let visito...s in without an escort,” Karen Kirkland replied.Turning to Amanda, but not lowering his voice so that the receptionist was certain to hear his words he said, “I am getting so very tired of this.”Sean pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. His call was answered immediately and he said into his phone, “Please have Ms. Kirkland at the tenth-floor. I went near to her caught her shoulders with hand. Believe me !!!! I just can’t tell you that moment in words what I felt at that point of time after taking her close to me. She had removed her saree and was only on inner garments covered. I made her sit on bedroom and I sat very close to her and touched her thigh. I think at this point she understood my intentions and pushed me back and asked me to go out. I couldn’t control my self and pulled her in my arms and put my lips on her lips. She. He is looking at his phone and hasn’t seen her yet, she takes a moment to study him. He is so handsome, again she wonders ‘why her?’ She takes a deep breath, trying to challenge inner confidence and tell her introverted self this is a good thing. Then he looks up and smiles and her insides melt. He stands up to welcome her, gives her a hug and places a soft gentle kiss on her cheek. She notices that he’s already ordered her favorite beer, he must know how nervous she is and is counting on a. A few minutes later we were loading Joe into the trunk of mistressescar and Julie is putting the cloth over his face again. The car hasbeen backed up to the garage door so hopefully no one see him beingloaded into the trunk. After that I change into another uniform removedthe mop cap (thank God) and grab a coat and we were off.While we were driving mistress made a phone call explained to someone,somewhat what happened and said we were on the way with Julie followingin Joe's car.A few minutes.

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