I used your fingers to fuck me.”“On the third night, I got really bold and I took your cock in my hand and slowly stroked it and loved the feeling...of it growing hard. I jerked you off and you came all over my bare ass and your bedsheets.”“I was wondering why my bed was wet the next morning, now I know why,” he smiled.“I have another confession to make to you Dad. Remember when you told me you had had unusual dreams about having sex with Mom but it didn’t quite feel like Mom? I said maybe it. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you...”“Is there any pain when I press on your stomach?”“Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?”I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t move my head. My mouth wagged open and closed a couple of times.“Is there anyone we should contact for you?”“Why did you push her?”It was too much. The overload blacked me out again.I certainly wasn’t expecting Jen there when they wheeled me into a room after x-rays. I’d been summarily. In next two days I didn’t hear anything about these people but I did keep in touch with this woman regarding the flat and a chance of talking to her. The third day I got the call from her asking her to come soon as the water was not pumping up and no water was there for shower or other usage. I knocked and waited. She opened the door and I went to check the problem. While checking I asked her about the hubby as I could not see him around. She said he is gone for a meeting with some Goan clients. You also saw it was ranked #3 in terms of partying. You weren't the best looking guy in the world, but were above average and with your athletic football body you should've pulled significantly more at Clearwater but only ended up with 1 girl.Otherwise the football team was mediocre, They were 6-6 the year before and you hoped you could improve on that. You didn't have any of the top schools looking at you other than as a backup option so it didn't really matter as here you had a chance to.

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