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." she says opening my door."Mom, what...Shit." I say blowing a big cloud of smoke in her face accidentally."I stand there panting for a second, looki...g at my mom. She is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a button up blouse. Looking at me sternly, she says. " Your dad and I told you not to smoke that stuff in the house." "I know mom, and I'm sorry, I usually smoke it outside... but its so Cold.." I say, stretching the truth."well, don't do it to much." she says, leaving. I watch her as she. She twirled and interleaved with three of the other mothers, as Sarah herself danced out to be the mother superior."This is fun!" thought Kathy to herself, enjoying the feeling of her body as it swept through the air. Since starting dance lessons, she had become much more graceful and her motions had become so much more confident, fluid, and feminine. "Most improved," Sarah had said.Finally, the opening dance finished, and Kathy was able to enjoy the applause, lined up with the other Nuns. She was always nude when she did it. As the car passed through the now-open gates into the school grounds, she was surprised to see so many vehicles parked there.As they drove past the auditorium, Kelly shivered, remembering it as the place where she had publicly lost her virginity. She was led to the rear of the building, and suddenly realized she was being taken out on stage. When she appeared on stage, there was an explosion of cheers. She was greeted by Miss Handy, the headmistress of the. "Thank you." A girl can never have too many shoes," my wife said with a smile. "I love you, honey," I said."I love you too," she replied. "Have you been working on your hair?" Yes, I have," I responded with some frustration. "I've tried everythingI could think of and nothing works." Honey, with the length of your bangs there's not much you can do withthem," she said. "Your hair looks so lovely, I wish you would just enjoyit." I guess you're probably right," I replied reluctantly."I'm glad.

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