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First the head and she guided me to take a couple of small strokes before going deeper into her. Finally I was deep into her and our breathing was rag...ed. She kissed me and snaked her tongue into my mouth and applied suction, pulling my tongue back into her mouth. It was the first time I’d been kissed quite like that and I liked it! She kept calming me down, as I was ready to take off like a jack rabbit. She started to roll and said, “Lay on top of me and get as deep as you can.”Wanting to be. She stood with lot of angry and with that she slapped me heavily. Rascal… what are you doing….you became bad…cheeeey…..she shouted at me and immediately left from the place.The night ended with that…. From that incident… my akka didn’t speak with me properly and she took extra care in covering her boobs and hip whenever I near her. I begged to forgive me for many days but it didn’t work. I was happy in a corner because she didn’t tell anything to my mother. But again god helped me. Yes. After 4. I was so wet and excited at the thought of joining them.I removed my thong and left it on the floor. I slowly entered the room and approached the side of the bed her head was on. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the tongue lashing she was getting. I leaned over a sucked the huge nipple of her left breast into my mouth. She opened her eyes startled."Ada, what are you doing?" she moaned."I'm ready for this, mom. I want to play with you and dad like your friends do."I didn't want this to turn. ." It didn't take long for the date to beset. The date they'd reunite. And here it was, the "weekend". It felta bit surreal. Thethree years they had together was beyond words. Each time they met limits weregently expanded, previous "no-zones" were eliminated as trust betweenthem manifested into solid rock. Sessions became more varied, longer, more intense. Toward the end of the third year, there wasnothing, truly, she wouldn't have allowed him to explore. He knew her fears,her terrors, her.

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