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Jenny had a few convulsions before Enzos drenched cock slipped out of her. Neither of them moved and I tentatively pulled out the dildo from her tight...asshole without too much difficulty. Jenny let out another gasp followed by a few shudders as the last few inches left her anal canal with a pop. Satisfied, I collapsed on top of Jennys back. I must have dozed off because when I awoke, both Enzo and Jenny were no longer in bed. Startled, I grabbed the robe I had been wearing and fumbled my way. To make ze man ‘appy you must love from wizin.’ ‘Not all men are like me. Many of the men that you have fucked would be satisfied with what you gave them, they would also be satisfied with masturbation, watching porn movies, reading porn magazines. For them sex is an end to itself, but to me, sex, or making love, is part of a much greater experience and one that, once experienced you will never forget.’ ‘When will you leave?’ ‘As soon as we make love again, and then we will go to your house. ’ Sandi didn’t have a costume on. I really didn’t expect she would but she looked as nice as ever. We got ready to go and I slipped my mask on. Trina said something like ‘Baman’. Sandi said that Trina liked the Batman cartoons and watched them all the time. That actually made me feel pretty good. The three of us walked up and down the street. The people actually gave me candy which I gave to Trina at the end of the night. I have to say that it was quite the experience walking with Sandi and. We didn't speak as I found the soap and soaped up his gorgeous cock. The soap made my hands slippery as I stroked him slowly under the pounding water.Quietly I pushed his hand down between my legs. His fingers found my clit and he began to lightly circle my hot button. I bit back the moans that threatened to alert the others. I swallowed his breath and breathed out my pleasure into our hot kisses. I felt him enter me with two fingers and begin slowly fucking my pussy while I continued to stroke.

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