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Riding naked underneath a blue sky, a warm sun, and in a field of green-leaved walnut trees… this was a masturbation fantasy come true.This is Kelly...s fifth visit to the walnut field. She's hoping to catch Ryan naked on his tractor. Two previous trips were unsuccessful. She arrives prepared to peep and to masturbate. Water bottle, seat cushion, crop top, flip-flops, no bra or panties, and shorts with an elastic waistband that could be quickly pulled down and then up, if needed. Kelly hoped the. Lucy suggested we 'had one' too,i thought it was a great idea and she asked Carol,the wife of the CEO to help her.Carol was in her 50's an ex beauty queen who still looked stunning,had 3 c***dren and wasnow a grandmother too.We decided (at Carol's advice) to get some caterers in the first timeand the bill would be quite that's what we did.They'd organise the seating,the food,even cook the food,all we had to do was buy a new fridge to hold beers,wine,and sodas for the k**s.But I. "Don't worry big guy," added Cooper. "No judgements here." Okay. But promise you won't laugh." We all promised and jokingly laid our free hands over our chests as we continued to wank. Gary stood up pulled down his boxers but left his t-shirt on. After that we all kept our word and none of us made any jokes. Mostlt because we were speechless. Hanging at half erect was the biggest cock I had ever seen."Fucking hell Gary! How big is your cock?" Blurted Cooper, who's own hand had almost stopped. " But I've got baseball practice after school," I pleaded. I loved playing ball with the guys and I was a pretty good fielder and I batted over 300 last season."You should have thought of that before becoming a criminal. I've already called your coach and told him you were grounded for the next two weeks. After I explained why, he said you would not be allowed to play this year, as an example to the other players. So, you no longer have baseball practice, and are to come home immediately after.

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