This was no earthy-crunchy festival, there were neon lights of all kinds for artists and performers to promote themselves. I noticed that almost every...ne was nude so I went back to my tent and wearing only my camera, stepped out again. I’d walked about a few hundred yards when I saw a neon sign over a big tent. The sign said, “Temple of Aphrodite , Men Encouraged.” The flap was open so I stepped into a gas lit space with plenty of candles. Ay, the women! They were of all colors and shapes, aged. Ilooked up at him, I suddenly knew what was meant by the saying 'I had him inthe palm of my hand.' His eyes were closed, his face contorted as he came.Finally after a few more harsh strokes he opened his eyes and grabbed myspeedy hand. "Stop, stop, you're gonna tear it off! I wanna save some..." Ipulled my hand back and looked at it. Long blobs of cum hung off it likestrings, I brought it to my mouth while sitting back. I reached between mylegs and rubbed my clit. My panties were wet with. Mandy gave me a knowing sidelong glance, and I felt my pulse skyrocket again.“Here it is,” Mandy announced, placing it on the coffee table. Christine looked down at it in fascination as Mandy explained how the tube was fitted and locked. I was sure my face was burning.Christine picked it up, and examined it. “Jeeze, it’s really compact isn’t it?” I saw Mandy’s soft grin quiver as it turned into a full smile. She was relishing this.“Yeah,” I answered, feeling my face burning, and my traitorous. Neither did they comment on the way her eyes followed Jem. That night, she slept better than she had for years.Sunday, fifth active week.After the morning sex session, there was a little ceremony in which Helena, Karen, Belle and Griselda had their red collars exchanged for black ones. Mirosa watched as the women touched the new collars and made their way thoughtfully back to their cells. She made up her mind and followed Belle."How do you feel about that collar, Belle?"The other woman frowned..

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