I could feel my cock growing quickly watching him push the length of his hard cock in and out of Erin’s wet and waiting pussy.“Did you suck his co...k for him? Send,” I eagerly asked.“Of course I did, more than once. You know I love the feeling of a hard shaft dragging across my tongue,” the reply came.Ding: another video. This time, it was a deep moaning coming through my speakers nearly vibrating me in my seat. Erin was staring straight up at the camera, almost as if making eye contact with me. And when you come, you scream." I do?" Megan was blushing."Yes you do. And I love it. But we have to be careful." Tony hugged Megan, and kissed her, carefully, on her forehead, avoiding the tempting, half-open mouth. Her soft body was delightful against his; and the hard little nipples were poking into his belly. Tony breathed in, enjoying the smell of her hair.Tony made an almost wrenching effort to step away. "And you can't disguise your wonderful smell when you get hot. I smell it now, and. Of course he was supposed to see that the guests had anything that they wanted but he couldn't help but think his supervisor might think he'd been enjoying himself in the process. It had possibly been one of his most humiliating experiences ever but now he was more worried that his stained knickers might end up with him being punished for it as well. Then he saw Effie and Coral. Luckily he managed to avoid them without being noticed.Effie and Coral waited as he pushed the trolley towards them.. .. No way, what makes you think Butch gave me any money?”“That black bag he stole from me had about two million in it. You gave Johnny about half, so, that leaves you with about one mil, give or take what you’ve spent,” I sneered at him, knowingly.Just before he blew another gasket, he calmed down. “Okay, DEAL. I’ve got $750K, but now I KNOW you can deliver on your end of the bet. Plan on PAYING UP.”He started stomping off. He went about 5 steps before he turned, “Oh, for my students I’m.

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